Meet the Brandi Dental Laboratory Team

We are a medium sized laboratory, which makes your experience with our laboratory special.  We maintain very personalized attention.  You always know who you’re talking to and so do we.  Our two office girls are great and it will be either them, Teresa, Oscar, or Gisella on the phone with you.  We get to know our clients’ preferences and tailor to that.  Also, because of our size we are able to handle a large load too…you don’t have to worry about us being overloaded by new business or busy months.  At our lab, we really work as a team.  It’s common to see someone from our metal department in the porcelain room checking what the ceramist thinks of frame design, or porcelain people consulting with one another on tough cases.

The Brandi Team has been together for many year. Some have been with us over 20 years.  Most have been with us at least 10 years & our newest technician has been with us around 5 years.

We all have the same goal: Happy doctors and happy patients.  We all work hard to achieve consistent high quality.

The Brandi’s:

  • Oscar & Teresa Brandi, their daughter Gisella Tellez
  • Customer Service: Karen Peralta
  • Brandi Team Technicians